PP Calculator is a tool used by players of the popular rhythm game, osu!, to calculate their performance points (PP) based on their scores in the game. The PP system was introduced by the game’s creator, Dean “peppy” Herbert, as a way of more accurately ranking players based on their skill level. In this article, we will take a closer look at what PP is, how it is calculated, and the role that PP Calculator plays in the competitive osu! community.

What is PP?

Performance Points (PP) represent a player’s overall skill level in osu!. They are earned by achieving a high score on a beatmap (a collection of notes that players must hit in time with the music). The amount of PP earned for each score depends on a variety of factors, including the difficulty of the beatmap, the player’s accuracy, and the length of the song. The higher the score achieved, the more PP the player will earn.

How is PP Calculated?

The calculation of PP is a complex process that takes into account a number of different factors. These include:

The difficulty of the beatmap: This is measured using a system called Star Rating, which assigns a numerical value to the difficulty of the beatmap based on the number and timing of the notes.

The player’s accuracy: This is measured using a system called Hit Error, which calculates the difference between the timing of the player’s hits and the timing of the notes.

The length of the song: This affects the amount of PP earned, with longer songs generally providing more opportunities to earn points.

The player’s previous performances: This is taken into account to ensure that players are not rewarded too much or too little for a single outstanding or poor performance.

All of these factors are combined using a formula known as the Performance Points algorithm, which generates a single value representing the player’s skill level. This value is then displayed on the player’s profile, alongside other statistics such as their rank and score.

The Role of PP Calculator in the Competitive osu! Community

PP Calculator is an essential tool for players looking to improve their standing in the osu! community. By allowing players to calculate the PP they can earn for a specific performance on a given beatmap, the tool helps players to set goals and track their progress over time. It also provides valuable feedback on areas where players may need to improve, such as their accuracy or ability to read complex patterns.

In addition to its practical benefits, PP Calculator has also become an important part of the social aspect of the osu! community. Players frequently share their PP achievements with each other, often in the form of screenshots or videos, and use them as a basis for friendly competition and bragging rights.

How do I find the PP of a map?

PP stands for “performance points” and is a score system used in the game Osu! to measure a player’s performance on a specific song or map. To find the PP of a map, you would need to play it and complete it successfully. The PP you receive will depend on factors such as your accuracy, combo count, and overall difficulty of the map.

“What is PP count?

PP count refers to the total number of performance points a player has earned across all the songs/maps they have played in Osu!. It is a way of measuring a player’s overall skill level in the game.

“How is pp in osu calculated?

PP in Osu! is calculated using a complex algorithm that takes into account various factors such as accuracy, combo count, difficulty of the map, and so on. The exact formula used to calculate PP is proprietary and is not publicly available.

“pp calculator in game” – The pp calculator in-game is a tool that allows players to estimate how many performance points they will earn for completing a specific map. It is useful for planning which maps to play based on the desired PP target.

“pp calculator osu in game” – This is another term for the same tool as mentioned above, but specifically referring to the pp calculator within the Osu! game itself.

“pp calculator extension” – A pp calculator extension is a third-party tool that can be added to a web browser (such as Google Chrome or Firefox) to allow players to calculate PP for Osu! maps without leaving their browser.

“pp calculator mania” – Osu!mania is a different game mode within Osu!, and therefore requires its own separate pp calculator to estimate performance points earned while playing this mode.

“xexxar pp calculator” – Xexxar is a popular third-party developer of Osu! tools, including a pp calculator that allows players to calculate their performance points for a map.

“pp calculator six sigma” – Six Sigma is the name of a specific pp calculator developed by a third party. It is designed to provide more accurate PP calculations than other calculators.

“pp calculator firefox” – This is another way of referring to a pp calculator extension that can be added to the Firefox web browser.

What is a pp calculator?

A pp calculator is a tool that estimates the number of performance points (PP) a player will earn for completing a specific map in the game Osu!.

How is PP calculated?

The exact formula used to calculate PP is proprietary and not publicly available. However, factors such as accuracy, combo count, difficulty of the map, and other variables are taken into account.

Are all pp calculators the same?

No, different pp calculators may use slightly different algorithms or take into account different variables when estimating PP. It’s important to note that these calculators are just estimations and may not be 100% accurate.

Where can I find a pp calculator?

Pp calculators can be found within the Osu! game itself, as well as on third-party websites or as browser extensions.

How do I use a pp calculator?

To use a pp calculator, enter the name or code of the Osu! map you want to play into the tool. The calculator will then estimate how many performance points you will earn for successfully completing the map.

Can a pp calculator help me improve my gameplay?

While a pp calculator cannot directly help you improve your gameplay skills, it can be a helpful tool for setting goals and tracking your progress. By using a pp calculator, you can plan which maps to play based on the desired PP target and see how much improvement you have made over time.

Do all pp calculators work for all game modes in Osu!?

No, certain pp calculators may only work for specific game modes within Osu!, such as Osu!mania or Taiko mode. Be sure to check if the calculator you are using is compatible with the mode you are playing.

Are pp calculators allowed by Osu!’s rules?

Yes, using pp calculators is allowed by Osu!’s rules as they do not give players an unfair advantage over others. However, using third-party tools to modify gameplay or gain an unfair advantage is prohibited.


With its complex calculation algorithm and wide-ranging impact on the osu! community, PP is a testament to the game’s dedication to fair and accurate rankings. And while PP Calculator is just one tool among many available to players, its ease of use and accessibility have made it an essential part of the competitive landscape. Whether you’re a casual player looking to improve your skills or a seasoned pro looking to cement your place at the top of the rankings, PP Calculator is an invaluable resource that can help you achieve your goals in osu!.

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